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Bazo Grey w/ Whiskey Tango and Tendril at Star Bar

Bazo GreyWhiskey Tango, and Tendril will be playing at Star BarSeptember 5th! Doors at 9pm! $5 at door! 
Come glide through galaxies with us!

Bazo Grey

Ebbing from heavy sonic experimentation and flowing into intricate, extended compositions, Bazo Grey aims to open its audience’s creative mind through lush lyricism and cosmic flowing grooves. Deeply introspective, their music is hard-hitting, yet delicate to the ear, leaving their audience captivated and excited for what notes come next.

Whiskey Tango 

Like a stray dog you find on a set of railroad tracks. No on really knows how to categorize Whiskey Tango. Are they Southern Rock? Blues? Punk Rock? Glam? More like some amalgamation of all of the above combined into a tawdry, energetic live show.

Come out and get you a bite!


Tendril is a sun-driven musician growing upward and outward. He prefers to pluck a strung box that, when amplified, creates a lot of different sounds. At the same time, from deep within his roots, he taps into his vocal pipes to project noises both familiar and unfamiliar.