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GLS Year In Review: Jeff's Top Five Music Videos of 2018

GLS Year In Review: Jeff's Top Five Music Videos of 2018

Hello everyone, I’m Jeff Martineck, one of the contributing writers for GLS! There were so many great music videos released this year, and I was thrilled to get to review several of them. As I look forward to seeing and hearing what’s new in 2019, here’s a look back at a few of my favorite videos of 2018:

Sarah and the Safe Word -  Red Hot and Holy

“Red Hot and Holy”, the latest EP from 7-piece cabaret rock group Sarah and the Safe Word, was easily one of the most unique and creative local releases of the year, and the video for the record’s title track drew me in with its dark imagery and masterful illustration of the seven deadly sins.  

Motherborg- Better Things

For a group with only a few releases, Motherborg blew me away the with video for the single “Better Things”. Not only was the video visually captivating and professional in quality, but the track itself had a catchy, addictive flair that made it one of the local videos I watched most this year.  

Eddie RascalRight for this

Eddie Rascal has a knack for making high-quality videos on a local band’s budget. All the videos I’ve watched of theirs have made me laugh and provided an excellent visual complement to their contagiously fun music. The video for their 2018 single “Right for This” - which features the band playing and making a huge mess in their kitchen- proved to be one the best examples of just how entertaining their visual releases can be.

FairshakeHey Doctor

The video for “Hey Doctor”, the lead single from Fairshake’s self titled album (which was released earlier this year), was an easy pick for this list. The upbeat pop rock sound of the track alone was able to put a smile on my face, and the “Full House”- style 90s nostalgia of the video was enough to keep it there the entire time I was watching.  

Satyr - Andromeda

Progressive post-hardcore outfit Satyr really showcased their incredible talent with the video for “Andromeda”, the first single from their debut EP “Neutrino”. This video may appear deceptively simple, but its excellent cinematography really highlighted the epic energy these prog behemoths perform with.  

Photo credit: Atlanta Spotlight Photography

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