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Like Mike - Fired Up Official Music Video

Like Mike - Fired Up Official Music Video

Like Mike has been buzzing around the Georgia pop-punk scene for quite some time. As of late, the band has been gaining momentum with an ever-growing fan base and it is well deserved for this hard-working group of guys. Ever since the second wave of pop punk, the genre seemed to imitate itself to the point of parody. Much of the phenomenon became stale and lackluster up until the current third wave. That is not the case with Like Mike. Their single "Fired Up" is a great addition to the uprising of new wave pop punk and provides a fresh take on the genre. They recently released a music video for the track that features the band performing a house show. I had the chance to briefly interview Zack, the group’s vocalist, to get more details on the single and what the future holds for them.

You guys have been a band for quite a while. How have you changed sonically and personally over the the years?

Personally, we’ve all just gotten a little older and more “mature” if you want to use that term loosely. It used to be non-stop partying but we’ve all chilled out a lot. Sonically, we’ve always just kind of evolved off of our original sound. We always like to add new things and ideas to the way that we write to keep ourselves from becoming boring but without that 180 turnaround with our sound that you see a lot of bands take and end up isolating their older fans.

How have the hardships of being in a band - breakups, schedule conflicts, jobs, etc - influenced your writing?

The main thing that’s influenced our writing is some of the breakups that I’ve been through. I know it’s cliche and “oh here’s another pop punk band whining about a girl” but I’ve always enjoyed writing about that stuff. There’s so many different situations and emotions that you go through when you lose someone you care about at that level. Every breakup I’ve been through has sent me through some different feelings and every series of songs that we’ve written has touched on those feelings.

What inspired the video? Where was it shot?

The video was all written and directed by Corey. It was shot at his house. That place meant a lot to all of us. It’s personally where I spent 50% of my time learning, growing and partying the last three years. We wanted to shoot it there because they weren’t renewing the lease and we wanted to place the music video somewhere that was important to all of us.

What inspired the song Fired Up? What does it mean to you guys, personally?

Fired Up was inspired by a breakup I went through three years ago. I said earlier that I like to touch on a different emotion with each breakup. This one was about the beginning of the acceptance phase when I started to realize that we were both better off being a part from each other.

Any plans for a new record or singles?

I can’t say anything yet because we’re still locking in all the details regarding new music. But if everything goes according to plan, we’ll be releasing more music in the next two years than we’ve released in the 7 years of us being a band combined.

Where do you guys want to be as a band in the near future?

I don’t really want too much to change in the future. We’ve all be best friends since we started this. All we want is for our music to reach more ears than it ever has before and with all the plans that we’ve been locking in, that’s looking very likely.

You can find Like Mike on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

You can connect with Like Mike on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Twitter at @likemikega

Photo Credit for Album Cover : Kristin Farahdel

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