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5 Local Punk Bands You've Been Sleeping On

5 Local Punk Bands You've Been Sleeping On

Here's a quick list of five Georgia locals who you might have missed out on. Make sure you check them out at the links below!


1.   The Burger Queens

The Burger Queens are an idea nine years in the making. Starting in 2016 with a clever name and three friends, this band from Cartersville, Georgia is a throwback to the days of 80's punk. With a touch of political and pop culture satire in their songwriting, their sound is reminiscent of bands like Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. Truly “old-school” rooted examples of their material can be found in songs like “Courtney Killed Kurt”, “I'm Okay with the NSA”, and “Suicide Pact”.

Find their work, including their first release “The Basement Tapes” on Bandcamp

Sounds like: Dead Kennedys meets The Vandals


2.   Kid Macho

In 2017, Parker, Aarick, Zack, and Ian mashed elements from post-hardcore, alternative rock, and punk to make something truly special. Hailing from Atlanta, every song Kid Macho preforms has notes of influence spanning multiple artists of multiple genres. A band definitely worth every penny to see live, their highly intense stage energy makes you a part of a very exciting and unique experience. Kid Macho released their first EP, “Whomp”, in fall of 2017, and you can expect more exciting releases in the near future.

Find “Whomp” by Kid Macho on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes

Sounds like: PUP and System of a Down meet early circa Against Me!


3.    Turf Wars

Breaking into the scene late 2017, Turf Wars is a five-piece emo pop punk outlet from Atlanta. Reminiscent of those sad pop punk anthems you grew up with from Yellowcard and New Found Glory, listening to Turf Wars brings catchy and familiar feelings. While only one single has been released from them, you can be sure big things are coming from Turf Wars sooner rather than later.

Listen to their single, “Lights” on Bandcamp

Sounds like: Taking Back Sunday meets Neck Deep


4.    Yukons

A lo-fi indie punk experience, Yukons is a three-piece from Atlanta. Starting as just José with the “Ice Cream / Death” EP, Yukons later expanded when he got connected with Danielle and Han shortly after. Truly a product of the current time, they mask nothing at all while playing songs like “Today” and “Toolbox”. With their distinctive tone, Yukons chants Latinx culture, empowerment, and pride with not only strong lyrical content but by also having many of the songs on their latest release in Spanish.

Listen to their latest release “South of The Equator” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes

Sounds like: If Bleachers and Joyce Manor had a DIY project, heavy Chicano Batman influence.


5.   Kyle Troop & The Heretics

Founded in 2016, Kyle Troop & The Heretics are bringing a welcome grit to the punk rock formula. Their LP “Fake Songs” from December 2017 puts all of their various influences from both 90's punk and the grunge of the time on display. Jams like “Van Culture”, “Blast off”, and “Disco” provide a catchy modern punk sound while being a nod to a musical era gone by too soon.

Listen to their debut Full Length “Fake Songs” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes

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