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GLS First Listen: The Exclusive Premiere Of The Keepsake's New Single "Sink"

GLS First Listen: The Exclusive Premiere Of The Keepsake's New Single "Sink"

For some, time kind of stopped in the mid 2000’s. 

Something about the music that defined that period of time, brimming as it was with passion, angst, and emotional vulnerability, seemed to connect with a lot of listeners on a profound and intimate level.  Bands that fell into what the press quickly dubbed the “emo” genre, as well as those with their feet planted firmly in the similar, but notably heavier post hardcore style, came to amass legions of dedicated and devoted young fans, many of whom still take comfort and draw inspiration from the work of such groups to this day.

Though the last decade or so has certainly not been without its fair share of culturally significant records, there are many out there who feel as though they have yet to encounter the same sort of raw, earnest songwriting and aggressive, youthful energy that left such an impact on them at the height of emo and post hardcore’s popularity. 

Enter The Keepsake

Though there’s no denying that a great number of aspiring young bands have attempted to recapture the urgency and power of 2000’s emo and post hardcore, few have managed to do it well.  The Keepsake is one of those blessed few.  The group – consisting of Barry Shelton (vocals), Alex Norrell (guitar/vocals), Cody Ingram (guitar), Chase Cowan (bass), and Bobby Ayers (drums) – plays from the heart, and it shows.  They’re the real deal – a group that’s passionate about what they do and eager to give voice to difficult topics and feelings – and this is, perhaps, nowhere more apparent than on the Atlanta natives’ brand new single, “Sink”, which they have shared exclusively with GLS ahead of its official July 12th release. 

According to frontman and lyricist Barry Shelton, the song is intensely personal.

It’s really about my struggle with depression and my mental health.  It’s this inner turmoil and frustration with myself.  Knowing that I have hurt others at all, and having friendships end because of parts of me that unfortunately surfaced…it breaks my heart.  I’m truly trying to be the best person I can be.  It’s an ongoing process, and I hope to be better.  I want to be. 

Regarding the single’s title, Shelton stated:

I get to a place, sometimes, where it feels a lot like drowning, you know?  I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Clocking in at just over four minutes, “Sink” sees The Keepsake demonstrate everything that makes them one of the Atlanta scene's most treasured acts – driving guitars, melodic and surprisingly groovy basslines, inhumanly tight drumming, and Shelton’s powerhouse vocals, as well as his dark, cathartic lyrics.  It all makes for a release that’s something like a controlled explosion – a blast of heart-gripping, ass-kicking rock and roll ready to wreck you, emotionally, in the best way. 

Listen below.


Photo credit: Juan Reyes Photography.


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