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3 Local Records That Will Make You Cry

3 Local Records That Will Make You Cry


Growing Pains – Michael Cera Palin

Growing Pains, the four-track debut EP by the Atlanta-based indie emo/punk band Michael Cera Palin, is short, sweet, and full of misery. Vocalist and lyricist Elliott Brabant perfectly encapsulates the rocky terrain of growing older, growing apart, and growing in one’s self. The whole record clocks in under 15 minutes, but in that time the band reminds you just how easy it is to fall in and out of love. One of the heaviest hitting lines for me come from the third track, "Mystery." Brabant revels in his restlessness, telling listeners, "i'm tired of all the cliches

that I'm writing all the time of how you're always on my mind and how i still want to die " His transparency throughout makes the listener feel a deeply personal connection to his hopelessness.

Favourite Track: “Laughing Makes It Worse”.  This track takes the helplessness of a lost love and turns it into creative lyrical anguish. The lines “Make me feel completely hammered, getting nailed, enamored with being frail in situations where false ends justify these means...But I just want to go to bed with someone who will not forget how I made them feel when we first met….I just want to go to sleep beside someone who dreams of me. Someone who will miss me when I'm dead,” will forever remind me of nights spent sleeping beside someone who no longer loved me, but the vulnerability with which Brabant belts those lyrics makes it feel more like closure than contempt.





Get Well Soon – worlds greatest dad

Get Well Soon, a coming-of-age album crafted by Atlanta indie rock sweethearts worlds greatest dad, tells the story of a girl who isn’t quite comfortable in her own skin. Maddie Duncan, the band’s vocalist and lyricist opens “Laughing (While You’re Smiling)” with the poignant line “I’m trying to learn the difference between love and co-dependence,” and later tells the listener “I need to start taking care of myself.” Themes of regret in “Cough” and disappointment in “A Song for Mogis” ring out with lines like “maybe you won’t notice I need you more than you need me,” and “Goddamn, I’m almost 25. I thought I’d feel a little better a quarter through my life,” while the track “Dad Jeans” hints at nostalgia with the anthemic chorus “I want to wear my sun tan like warpaint, when I was a kid.”

Favourite Track: “Better Off Dead”. This song takes a very real look at at anxiety and depression. It’s not romantic or beautiful. It consists of days without showers, lying awake at night, and not being able to do anything you love. A line that paints the perfect picture of my own depressive episodes comes when Duncan sings “...sitting alone at a stoplight, put out my cigarette in an overflowing ashtray while trash is piling up in my passenger seat. I don’t think I want anybody sitting next to me. And how am I supposed to make you proud when i don’t care about anything?” Duncan’s ever-relatable lyrics really come to a head for me in this, the album’s penultimate track.    





Consume All The Things – Parker Paul

Do we want to get real? Let’s get real. Parker Paul’s debut album Consume All The Things was the soundtrack to the darkest time of my life. There were plenty of nights that I would fall asleep to haunting lyrics such as, “I swear to God I'll give anything, just give me a break, I'm making all the plans to make a big mistake,” or “don't go killing the vibe with your depression cause no one wants real friends just entertainment.” The isolation that comes from abuse and depression tells you that you are alone and no one in the world hears you, but when listening to the haunting melodies and intimate acoustic guitar of Consume All The Things, it is clear that Paul has felt that same isolation.  

Favourite Track: “Pollen Lung”. After 11 songs detailing Paul's feelings of despondency, “Pollen Lung” is a sort of redemption anthem. He sings of leaving his home and “Going to Atlanta! Or maybe up the East Coast, I don't know…” Track after track, Parker Paul describes feeling worthless, but on "Pollen Lung", he finds his self-worth and decides to do anything it takes to preserve it.


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