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3 Singles to Kick Off Your New Year With

3 Singles to Kick Off Your New Year With

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holiday season gave you the rest and relaxation needed to take on another year. It seems there is no rest for Georgia’s talented musicians, however, as several great new songs were released amidst the holiday rush. With January well underway, here are three singles released over the past few weeks that set the soundtrack of 2019 off to a strong start:

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“27 Miles to Bozeman” by Sound Culture

Atlanta’s reggae artists produce some my favorite music the city has to offer. Sound Culture made themselves a prominent voice in that scene with a very productive 2018, releasing their self-titled EP, as well as their most recent single, “27 Miles to Bozeman”, which hit streaming services in late December. I am always impressed by this band’s ability to seamlessly fuse other genres with their reggae sound, and “27 Miles to Bozeman” is another great example of this talent. Incorporating smooth, funky phased riffs, big alt-rock power chords, and triumphant leads it’s a very dynamic track that covers a lot of musical ground. Full of road trip-inspired lyrical imagery, it’s also  a great listen on a long drive.

Watch the official video for "27 Miles to Bozeman" here.


“Shame” by The Twotakes

Having an affinity for funky alternative rock, I love The Twotakes. They craft their songs with an undeniable catchiness that frequently calls to my mind bands like Two Door Cinema Club and The Virgins. Released on December 15th of last year, “Shame” certainly maintains the musical caliber of earlier releases, while blending some new stylistic elements that create an overall bigger sound. Intriguing synth riffs and silky reverb provide a massive space for Gio Turra’s ensnaring vocal melodies, and the incredible chemistry between the rhythmic guitar phrases and Chase Brown’s driving basslines keep the high energy I’ve come to associate with this band going. This track gets me very excited for what the Twotakes are preparing for us in 2019.

Listen to "Shame" here.


“Immersive” by Challenger Deep

I’m fascinated by all genres of instrumental music. It takes a great deal of musical skill to grab a listener’s attention without the aid of any sort of vocal communication. This feat is clearly no issue for progressive math rock group Challenger Deep, however, as exemplified by their latest single, “Immersive”, which dropped on January 4th. “Immersive” is a fast-paced prog rock excursion. Its commanding melodies are instantly captivating, and take you along for a thrilling joyride throughout the song. The sparkly clean introductory guitar riff laid on top of Jason Murray’s beefy bass tone immediately reminded me of groups like Chon. Grant Wallace’s intricate drumming is a strong foundation for this well-structured track, and really allows the virtuosity of the string instruments to blossom as it progresses. If you are a fan of progressive rock, you will fall in love with Challenger Deep as soon as you listen to this song.

Watch the official music video for Immersive here.

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