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True Blossom Makes a Dreamy Debut with "Heater"

True Blossom Makes a Dreamy Debut with "Heater"

This is my second review of a pop act from Atlanta (Lunar Vacation being the first), and from an outsider’s point of view, starting to see more of this “laid back with a touch of funk” style coming from the Atlanta scene is exciting.  True Blossom has been a part of the scene since 2017, and for me what makes them stand out is a touch of maturity in their compositions. That maturity is displayed in the cohesive design of each sound on their debut album Heater, from instrumentation down to each clap, fitting together like a musical puzzle box. It’s obvious that love and care is given to every beat and strum on this collection of groovy vaporwave-tinged tunes, as the band dials in a saturated sound that suspends you in zero gravity. Tracks like “Me & U” exude complexity, and the video for “Flu Punks” add a lovely visual compliment to the band's music, further exploring the vaporwave aesthetic. I wouldn’t classify this album as either uplifting nor a discourse in depression, instead I feel we are suspended in place, surrounded by a monolithic groove that leaves the listener entranced. .

What really sells me on True Blossom’s work are the vocal melodies of Sophie Cox, which intertwine with the band’s rich polyphony. “Grave Robbers” offers a perfect example of Cox’s ability to deliver an exquisite vocal melody, and then take it a step beyond by creating a harmony to compliment not only her own voice, but also the song’s synth track. This trio then itself creates a choral experience that provides the listener with an unreal and fantastical sound.  Throughout “Heater”, I am impressed with the teamwork between True Blossom’s members and each track transcends into a delightfully dream-like atmosphere because of it. Overall, I’m completely enjoying the creative pop sound coming from the Atlanta scene exhibited by True Blossom and similar bands. I truly hope that this sound grows, and I’m excited to see how it might encourage more new and interesting cultures to form around our area.

Highlight Tracks: “Me & U”, “Flu Punks”, “Grave Robbers”, “Mutiny”

Band members include: Sophie Cox [vocals], Chandler Kelley [guitar], Jamison Murphy [synth], Nadav Flax [bass], Adam Weisberg [drums]

“Heater" recorded by Paul Katzman, mixed by Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co., mastered by Jamal Ruhe.

You can stream "Heater" on Soundcloud and buy it on Bandcamp

Photo credit: Rob Lambert and Joanna Patterson.

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