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Augusta Rising: Adams Recaps a Thrilling Year for a Beloved Underground Scene

Augusta Rising: Adams Recaps a Thrilling Year for a Beloved Underground Scene

Since joining the GLS team, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to expose many of you to the diverse scene we have in the Augusta region. The music in this town is rich and passionate, but the spotlight here is dim as we all struggle to make our stamp on the community. Looking back on 2018, I wanted to highlight a few records that either came out before I started my work with this site, or those that slipped by me that deserved to be noticed.  

Reso Kids - Scenes.jpg

The Reso Kids - Scenes & Things

At the beginning of the year, I found out about The Reso Kids, and hearing this album immediately put them on my radar.  I’ve had the pleasure to share a couple of shows with them and seen them grow further over the course of the last year, introducing more live aspects into their electronic show.  They bring something different and welcomed to the Augusta area with a sound that balances on the line between ambient minimalism and dance. This album stands out from the rest by creating a dream-like sound, something the listener can easily get lost into.

Favorite tracks: “Song for October”, “Milk”, “Yes to Chocolate”, “Change in Weather”

Not Important - Sleepless.jpg

Not Important - Sleepless

Not Important is a hard project to be genre-specific about. On the face of it, the music created by this solo artist is very much in the vein of alternative rock, maybe even grunge, but at the same time, songs like “G.O.D.” throw it right into the noise category. The artist will also incorporate an acoustic guitar for that singer/songwriter groove from time to time, but I think it’s fitting for the Augusta Underground. Not Important’s work is nothing like what you would expect, but retains a great deal of soul within it’s rough edges. Sleepless is a great introduction to the band, featuring heart-felt lyrics, gritty textures, and lo-fi production that all help to convey feelings of anguish. It's perfect for a night of angst-filled revelry.  

Favorite tracks: “Cure For Life”, “Chemical Fits”, “G.O.D.”


Lumen - Sharing an Eye

If you’re more into a sound brimming with rage and testosterone-laced riffs, look no further.  Seriously, Lumen is one of the most intense and hard-working acts around here, and Sharing an Eye is very much a reflection of that. The album is a solid entry into the Metalcore scene, one that Augusta has been growing for some years. If you’re looking for representatives of what this town can do, Lumen will certainly open the door for you.

Favorite tracks: “1000 Birds”, “Kaleidoscope”

Captain Kid - Best 2006.jpg

Captain Kid - Best album of 2006

I don’t know about 2006, but this album is on my favorite list for this past year.  It’s certainly the one that I’ve listened to the most. Its alt-punk attitude is just plain addictive. Best album of 2006 feels like a nostalgia train by design, but each track offers enough of a personal touch to set itself apart from the styles it mimics.  The artist themself is a bit of a mystery, as I’ve only seen digital releases available with no live shows announced, and I believe they’re happy to have it that way.  This album really demands some attention and I’m really looking forward to what else will come from this project.

Favorite tracks: “smoke”, “pack your bags”, “Best song of 2006”, “fucking cops”


Matéo the Artisan - TESLA

Starting with some of the heaviest percussive hits I’ve heard from this area,TESLA offers listeners a unique variation on the traditional sounds of deep-bass electronica, lighthearted R&B, and bouncy hip hop, by blending all of these genres together seamlessly creating consistent solid grooves behind Matéo's smooth lyrical flow. The album really captures the essence of what's going on in the Augusta rap scene, but deviates from the norm enough for one to tell that the rapper is really coming into their own. The instrumental tracks that underscore Matéo's performances throughout the album are highly creative, and at times so crazy that it seems impossible to mix in without taking the focus off of a given song's lyrics. However, it all works incredibly well, and just adds to what sets this artist apart, both in technique and production.  

Favorite tracks: “TESLA”, “ROZ GOLD”, “MERCY”

While that covers released albums from 2018, I would like to acknowledge a few Augusta artists who have either posted music videos or EP/singles releases this past year.  I’m looking forward to what each one will be developing in 2019, and I’m excited to be able to introduce their work to you here on GLS.

Celia Gary: A singer-songwriter whose resonant voice is always captivating.  She released 3 fantastic music videos in 2018, namely The Man Who Felt Nothing, The Beginning of the End , and I’ve Lost My Way.

Village Sticks: Indie-pop rockers on Spotify.

Brian Hurt: Local artist who’s solo work can be found on BandCamp.

Rebirth: Their album will be a sonic boom when it hits this year.  They have singles available on BandCamp.

Wandermonch: Alternative kids who have developed a hell of a sound and I’m hopeful for more of their music to be released on their BandCamp page soon!

Bands to Watch in 2019

Bands to Watch in 2019

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