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Sidework Syndicate Unleashes Their Crushing, Long-Awaited Debut

Sidework Syndicate Unleashes Their Crushing, Long-Awaited Debut

I first met Walli Walling several years ago at Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Duluth. A mutual friend of ours had brought him along to see my old band, Omnipresent, perform that evening. Following Omni’s set, he approached me to compliment the band and strike up a conversation about anything and everything music-related. it didn’t take long for us to hit it off, discovering a shared love of bands like Rush and Pink Floyd, and a similar fascination with the use of art as a medium to explore questions of significance pertaining to the human condition. A longstanding friendship was formed.

We’ve kept in touch, and I’ve watched with great anticipation has he and his bandmate/creative partner of over 10 years, Christian Thornburg, have slowly and meticulously assembled their new project together - Sidework Syndicate.


On their debut EP, Floods, Walling and Thornburg meld together all the best elements of the work of bands like Lamb of God and Mastodon, offering listeners loud, punishing, and riff-heavy, yet melodic and technically dizzying songs that brim with furious energy.

Of the EP’s lyrical themes, the Athens-based duo had this to say:

“Floods begins a concept exploring the unstoppable persistence of humanity's darker tendencies when presented with chaotic environments or situations. Dependence, independence, survival, fighting, selfishness, and selflessness are few of many emotions tied to this collection of songs.”

Ambitious, powerful, and thought-provoking, Floods is a must-hear for metal fans, and a work that has proven itself well worth waiting for. I look forward to hearing - I sincerely hope - much, much more from the band in the near future.

The EP is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Album art by Alejandro Comensana of ANIMA Studios.

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